Honey Bee Select™

Honey Bee Select™ products from Family Hemp Brands in Santa Fe, New Mexico are formulated with the hardworking Queen Bee in mind.

Featuring proprietary blends of essential oils that bring back the sweetness of summer all year long and high quality natural and organic ingredients, many of our artisanal Honey Bee Select™ products also partner the power of our Premium Select CBD with a fine blend of sustainably-sourced honey hailing from remote areas of Canada and the high mountains of Colorado.

Whether you’re taking a Honey Bee Select™ product in your tea first thing in the morning or smoothing one onto your skin after a long day at the hive, you’re in for a treat.

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Why Choose Honey Bee Select™?



Every product at Family Hemp Brands is lovingly hand-crafted by real people with a high level of both attention and intention.

Through small batch builds we craft a product that carries our intentions for common wellness, coming to fruition through the use of only the highest quality raw materials.

We love them and hope you do too.


Sourced for Health.

Our intention is to facilitate the creation of products that help our bodies, not hurt them – and our honey is no exception!

That’s why we partner with high-altitude beekeepers in Colorado and remote beekeepers in Canada – because this is where the spraying of pesticides,  herbicides, and other harmful chemicals is far less common.

Healthy bees, healthy honey, healthy body.


Formulated for Health.

Tradition runs deep in our Family.

We include ingredients in our products that families in Northern New Mexico have been using for centuries.

Our CBD products are crafted with wellness in mind from formulas that have been relied on from generation to generation.

Become a Wholesale Partner.

Our artisanal CBD products make a beautiful addition to the shelves of fine retailers and health practitioners who serve discerning customers.

If you are interested in carrying our hand-crafted CBD products in your store or office, we would love to explore working with you.

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