Our Most Frequently Asked Questions.

How Do I Become an Wholesale Partner?
We love connecting with select health practitioners and small retail stores that would like to offer our artisanal CBD products to their discerning customers! To apply to become one of our Partners, we invite you to fill out our Wholesale Application.
Where Can I Find Your Products?

Our Honey Bee Select and Family Reserve product lines can be purchased from our online store. You may also click here to see a list of our retailers.

Though you can view everything about them in our shop, our Phyto Pro Select product line is available exclusively at professional health and wellness offices and centers. Click here to see a list of our exclusive retailers and find Phyto Pro Select CBD products near you.

When Is The Best Time To Take CBD Oil?

This depends entirely upon your usage and desired results.

For example, mornings can be a wonderful time to take our Vibe or Lift CBD Tinctures whereas evenings can be a great time for our Calm or Renew CBD Tinctures.

CBD may be taken with or without food and throughout the day as needed.

Does CBD Show Up On a Drug Test?

All of our CBD products have tested to be THC-compliant at 0.3% THC or less. According to federal guidelines for industrial hemp, this qualifies our products as “no THC”. The Lab Results for all of our products are available to view here.

That being said, CBD is akin to a poppy seed bagel in that it contains trace amounts of compounds that, in theory, could show a false positive on a drug test. Knowing this, we encourage all CBD users to use their own best judgment as it applies to their situation as we cannot make guarantees either way.

Where Does Your CBD Oil Come From?

Our properitary hemp plants are organically raised on our small family farms under high-altitude New Mexico sunshine.

We then extract and/or distill Premium Select CBD Oil from our high quality hemp biomass in our own licensed facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

From farm to facility to processing and manufacturing, we do it all with love and integrity in-house.

What Other Ingredients Do You Use in Your CBD Products?

We love practicing transparency! That’s why the ingredients used in our CBD products can be found on the applicable product pages within our shop and why Lab Results for our CBD products can be accessed from the applicable product page within our shop or from our Lab Results page.

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Get to Know the Family.

Get to Know the Family.

Enjoy a 10% discount, special goodies, and nourishing content from Family Hemp Brands right from the comfort of your own inbox.

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