Our Family is rooted in the breeding, cultivation and botanical extractions of premium select hemp.
However, our branches extend into manufacturing, marketing and consulting within the hemp industry.

Our Farms are small scale, 0.5 to 20 acre traditional Northern New Mexico family farms, producing craft cultivated hemp, using sustainable practices and select genetics.

We acquire rare and unique hemp seed, then breed select varieties with the specific intent to further enhance the plant’s naturally occurring properties and characteristics. 
Using our Family Hemp select genetics we produce and provide both seed and clones for our select farms and our farming partners.
With full control over the agricultural process, we ensure a premium finished crop ready for extraction and distillation.

John Sedillo
CEO / Founder
“Be Bold, be kind, and pursue your passions” – John Sedillo

Daniel Scharf
Director of Cultivation
“Rise up and shine!” – Daniel Scharf

Grace Duran
Manufacturing Manager
“Don’t be eye candy, be soul food.” – Grace Duran